Degree Exhibition

As a maker, it is my belief that objects should invite people to touch them, to play with them, to engage and experiment. I enjoy creating interactive, kinetic pieces of tableware, where form is important for pleasure of touch and to produce enjoyable silhouettes. Emotional values are added from the tactile pleasures of my making processes, this then continues with the user’s own sensorial memories and experiences with the objects.

Rotational Dynamics

Taking inspiration from the Op Art movement and responding to Robert Louis Stevenson, who stated ‘he plays with his material as a child plays with a kaleidoscope’ (Stevenson, 1887, p157), this body of work has been created to celebrate the wood’s natural, diverse colour palette, using a combination of modern and traditional methods and technologies to design bowls that spin, triggering memorising optical illusions.


Inviting the user to experience their own embodied ‘cognitive operation’ (Arnhelm, 1969, p13), promoting learning through the senses, through kinaesthetic discovery. The interchangeable handles promote and enhance the function’s accomplishment in relation to sensory learning. Created with the fusion of experience, function and interaction in mind, this bowl was the playful, experimental outcome. There is no right or wrong use for the handles, only innovative ones.

The objects empower wandering minds, centralise kinetic energy and inject fun in to the day to day kitchen activities.

6th May - 1th June

New Designers

27th june - 1st july 

New Designers gathers more than 3,000 of the brightest and most radical new creative minds under one roof to launch the next generation of thinkers, makers and disruptors onto the UK design scene.

The exhibition is a two-week celebration of visionary design that sees students of 200+ creative courses unveiling never-before-seen work to thousands of industry professionals and design lovers