Female woodworker. Newly graduated from Cardiff Metropolitan University,  School of Art and Design , as a Designer Maker. I love  drawing out designs and solving problems, focusing on creating a harmonious balance between form and function. 

Specialising in contemporary wood work with an attentiveness on forms, which can be created on the lathe. Woodturning is an experience you can't replicate any other way, producing flawlessly symmetrical spherical forms. The relationship between wood species and grain is emphases by these forms. I intend to celebrate all woods natural qualities creating work which speaks to the urban and contemporary market.   

My objects are functional yet their function can be enhanced; through the movement of rolling, spinning, attaching and detaching these self-modifying objects offer the user interaction beyond mere function.  There is no right or wrong use for them, only innovative ones, promoting learning through the senses, through discovery. I ask you to consider the quote, ‘he plays with his material as a child plays with a kaleidoscope’. (Stevenson, 1887, p157). My objects celebrate wood’s natural, diverse colour palette, triggering mesmerising kinetic optical illusions. I wish to entice people to play with objects, invite them to engage and experiment. I enjoy creating interactive, kinetic pieces of tableware, where emotional values are added from the tactile pleasures of my making processes, this then continues with the users own sensorial memories and experiences with the objects.

The objects empower wandering minds, centralise kinetic energy and inject fun into day to day kitchen activities.